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The History

The Bag It & Bin It campaign was instigated following discussions between South West Water, the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), Surfers against Sewage and other organisations concerned about the occurence of Sewage Related Debris (SRD) in the water environment.

From these discussions the Bag It and Bin It campaign was developed to raise awareness of the problems of SRD and to encourage people to dispose of their personal waste carefully, whether in their own household waste bins or in special disposal bins in public toilets.

Between 2001 and 2004, the Bag It and Bin It campaign was managed by the UK Centre for Economic and Environmental Development (UK CEED), an independent not-for-profit foundation. During this time a range of materials including leaflets, stickers, bags and this website were developed with the support of Water UK and the water companies.

The mission of Bag It & Bin It is simple: “Bag It & Bin It aims to prevent SRD from littering British beaches and riverbanks by encouraging people to bag and bin disposable products rather than flushing them down the toilet.”

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